Cloth Diapering 101 - How to build a stash on the LOW LOW !

Deja Allison

No noooo... I'm not quoting YG. lol (Even though I am a bit of a fan)

I am here to talk to you about how to build your cloth diapering stash on a budget! Here are 3 ways to add to your stash for the low. (P.S. keep reading to see a cool pictorial that will be sure to save you some cash)

1. Borrow, rent, or buy used cloth diapers.

-Have a close friend that used cloth? Ask to borrow their cloth diaper stash to cloth diaper your little! Cloth diapers are a great resource because they can be used on multiple babies before needing to be replaced. Call up your friend and ask about that fluff stash and return them once your little is potty trained.


(Be cool though bruh, get those diapers repaired if needed before returning !)

- Renting stashes is nothing new! Diaper services around the country offer the ability to wash/dry diapers and have fresh ones delivered right to your front door. Diaper services offer the ability to use cloth diapers at a weekly or monthly price. This flexibility gives you the option to cancel at any time and is a good solution for families on a budget. 

One of my all-time favorite diaper services offers a fitted, all in one, cover and prefold service in both one size and newborn options. Shoutout to Luludew Organic Diaper Service, love you guys !

- Buying used cloth diapers is probably the most popular option of saving money. You can try cloth diaper brands you love, cloth diaper brands you are curious about, or some fluff you just think is cute. Buying used is a great option for building a stash on the low. (Be mindful to look at the condition of diapers before buying and to ask all the questions needed to make an informed decision.)

2. Get some help. 

For those who are on a strict budget and cannot afford to buy diapers but want to use cloth, no worries there are options for you! Look into nonprofit organizations that give out cloth diaper donations. There are some that can make small donations and others can donate whole stashes to your family. Most of these organizations require an application, once an approval is obtained the diapers are shipped to you (or require pick up). Some of our favorite organizations that offer this support are Brown Baby Brigade and Share the Love.

3. Upcycle

This last option may be a new thing to some but upcycling is simply a word that means to reuse items that you already own for a completely different purpose. 

Items that can be upcycled and added to your stash are as follows


- Microfiber car towels (must be stripped and can ONLY be used with a stay dry or natural barrier on top)
- Wash Cloths 
- Bath Towels
- Dish Towels
- Onesies 
- Receiving Blankets
- Old Cotton T-Shirts 
- Old Cotton Pillowcases

Water Resistant 

- Fleece Blankets 
- Fleece Coats 
- Wool Sweaters 
- Wool Blankets

These materials are resources that are readily available in most households and can be used to make up your stash or add to it without having to spend any more shmoney. 

Cloth diapering on the low is something many people look to do and I am so happy to be able to share these tips with you. Now for a quick pictorial. 



How to turn a flat/receiving blanket and onesie into a fitted diaper.

Original Idea: The Rebecca Foundation, Modeled by: @muvaepiphany on IG

Add your favorite diaper fastener, cover, and GO!

Well that's all for this blog and until I see you again. BYEEEEEE

- Deja 


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