It all started with one little Sunshine...

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Hey Y'all it's Deja. 

It's a Saturday morning and I decided that every Saturday I am going to talk about motherhood, business, and share a little behind the scenes look at the SHINE family. 

Mama Sunshine Circa 2010


I often get asked how I started sewing cloth diapers and where SHINE came from. The answer is one of the simplest out there, Jaylen Jesse Taylor. 

In 2010, I gave birth to one of the most beautiful little babies in the whole wide world. I mean this baby came out 10 lbs 4.9 ounces lol... but he was still my little baby.


When Pampers released their dry max formula Jay was about 8 months old and he instantly had a rash. Mix the rash, with being down to the last packs of disposable diapers, and being on a budget... cloth diapering became a clear choice for us. I started out with GDiapers which most cloth diapering families know is the gateway cloth diaper and never looked back. I was hooked. The laundry wasn't hard, the prints were cute, and we were saving money.

In late 2010 I dove head first into the WAHM cloth diapering world and started watching these moms sew up a bunch of cloth diapers, list them on a website, and sell out within seconds. I saw all these happy, creative souls and realize that not many of them looked like me. There was ONE black WAHM in existence and soon after I discovered her, she went out of business. So I took pause and thought, I can do this! I absolutely can DO THIS. 


9 years later, thousands of diapers later, SHINE Cloth is here.  Now I am one of those happy creative souls, that sew up a bunch of cloth diapers, and have them sell out in seconds!!!! But my motivation, my origin, my everything started with one little Sunshine. He literally changed the course of my whole entire life, and I am thankful for him! 


Love you Sunshines. 

Talk to you soon. 


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