SHINE Cloth - Onesize Cover 101 .

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Sunshines !

We are 11 days away from our in-stock store launch and with all the excitement I knew it would essential to get back to basics. 

What is a SHINE Cover? 

Confused? Don't worry I got you. :) 


A SHINE Cover is a waterproof or resistant covering that goes over the absorbent core of a diaper. It has a pul flap in the front to protect against leaks and hold inserts in place. It also features a snap in socket for snap in inserts on the inside. 

- Covers can be used with prefolds, flat diapers, disposable inserts, over fitted diapers, disposable diapers at night and are a wonderful solution during the day.

- Covers also can double as swim diapers and are perfect to go over disposable diapers for photoshoots. 

- Covers can be used for 4-6 diaper changes (all day long) as long as they aren't soiled by poop. Just wipe out the inner and replace the absorbent method used! Your SHINE Cover will be ready for use again. 

Covers are our least expensive and most economical choice here at SHINE!

Now for some photo goodness: 



Our Onesize Covers will be available ready to ship 10/1/2017 !
We cannot wait for you to see what we have in store. 

Until next time Sunshines !


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