Why it's never too early to talk about Race.

We have all seen the image this past week. 

A toddler no more than the age of 2 dressed up in a full Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, standing in front of a police officer. This photo was taken in 1992 and is a prime example of why race matters in today's society. 

Race matters because racism and hate still exist. 
Race matters because skin color still determines access to education, determines wages, affects the ability to own property, predetermines the jail population, and is used as a value system that has grown in its intricacy but still is compacted with hate. 
Race matters at birth. While hate and bigotry are learned... that education starts very young for many. 

Hate is being promoted as HERITAGE from birth. 

------------------------- It's NEVER too early to talk about RACE ------------------------------

BLACK LIVES are being devalued by the centering of other groups and agendas FROM BIRTH! 

------------------------- It's NEVER too early to talk about RACE ----------------------

Here at SHINE Cloth we take a firm stance against the hate that has become publicly shared, retweeted, and pressed in the faces of POC across the internet. 
It's in these times that we must stand together and educate, as well as empower our children. We must tell them THAT their lives matter, we must rally with fellow parents and stand against the injustices that we face on a daily basis, and we must proudly proclaim... #BLACKLIVESMATTER 

We must remind them that we come from ROYALTY.

We must affirm that they are apart of HISTORY and share the greats who paved the path before them.

and lastly, remind them to BE SO BLACK and SO PROUD of it !

It's never too early to...

or EMPOWER our children. 


The BlackLivesMatter diaper is available here: https://goo.gl/91FMFP

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