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Hey there Luxury Lover.

This collection is specifically for you.Ā 

- Exclusive Prints
- Exclusive Embroidery
- Hand Dyed InnersĀ 
- LUXURY Diapers made for you Sunshine

Available In One Size/Petite
Cover and Heavywetter AIO StyleĀ 

One Size 12-40+ lbsĀ 
Petite 8-35 lbsĀ 

Product descriptions are below.


Do you useĀ prefolds?

Flour Sack Towels yourĀ thing ?

What aboutĀ snapĀ in inserts?

How about ALL 3 ??

If so there is an option for you at Sunshine Cloth!

Sunshine Snap

Tuck it in.
Lay it in.
Snap it in.

Use the cover again.

ThisĀ snap inĀ diaper shell is designed for babies 12-40 lbs

It features:

- PUL/Cotton/Polyester Outer
- PUL tuckable flap
-Wipe Able PUL Inner
- Socket for snap in inserts.

Use again and again until soiled.

Watch here to see how to use a SHINE Diaper


SHINE is back with a new spin.
The SHINEĀ Heavy Wetter AIO

THIS Diaper Includes:

PUL OuterĀ 
PUL Paneled Inner to protect against leaks withĀ a AthleticĀ Wicking Jersey core.Ā 

Heavy Organic Hemp Fleece FabricĀ 

1- 4 layer fast drying sewn in insert
1- 4 layer fast drying snap inĀ insert
2 layers of organic hemp fleece sewn in the coreĀ 
1- 3 layer lay in doublerĀ 

13 thirsty layers of fabric in ONE diaper.

Ā This diaperĀ is designed for babies 12- 40 lbsĀ