About US!

It all started with one Sunshine...

My Sunshine, Jay!

Cloth Diapering for me as a young parent and a student literally saved my life. Having a baby at 19 years old, living within a budget was a must but with a little baby, it was hard. 

Diapers were running out and I thought to myself I can't keep choosing between eating and diapers. So after a severe rash from Pamper's Dry Max diapers I made the switched to cloth diapers. Three G-Diapers later, I dove into the natural parenting world. My stash grew and my love for cloth did too and I came up with an idea, a black-owned cloth diapering company. 

I searched feverishly for information on how to sew cloth diapers and a year later launched my brand Sunshine Cloth Diapers. 

Fast forward to today... A new brand with old roots... with a flair for the Black and Proud, Social Justice, and Black Pop Culture. 

Black Sewn. Black Owned.