Diaper Styles

SHINE Heavy Wetter AIO (single use diaper, must wash after each use)

Fits babies 12-40+lbs
- 13 layers of Organic Hemp Fleece in Each Diaper
- One Snap in Insert
- One Sewn in Insert
- 3 layer sewn in doubler

Hand Dyed Organic Bamboo Velour Fabrics are often used in heavy wetter designs

Petite Cover

Trimmer and shorter pattern.
- Can be used with prefolds, fitteds, snap in inserts, flats, etc.
- Can be used multiple times before washing
- Completely wipeable
- Two sockets inside for snap in inserts 


One Size Cover 


-Wipeable inner with pul flap for inserts
- One Socket in back of cover for snap in inserts
- Fitted Friendly 
- Can be used multiple times before washing
- Most popular SHINE style