Where is the Black Lives Matter Diaper?

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I know you've been wondering...
So where is the Black Lives Matter Diaper?

So I am here with the much-anticipated answer.... Black Lives Matter the Diaper will be back here in November. 

The diaper has been redesigned and the new design is now in production and will be arriving to SHINE Cloth in October where we will be relaunching the diaper that all SHINES love. 

The diaper features an ALL NEW black, white, and gold theme and will continue to support causes all over the world. We will be partnering will Black Owned Non Profits to donate the proceeds and also helping high school students live out their small business dreams. 

Make sure to follow our newsletter at SHINECloth.com to stay up to date with the launch party and re-release of BLACK LIVES MATTER the diaper. 

SHINE Cloth 
Black Owned. Black Sewn. 
Black and SO Proud.

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