Black Lives Matter 2.0 ORIGIN STORY

When Trayvon Martin's verdict returned I searched for a way to take a stand. As a WAHM in an industry that was close-lipped and social justice distant it was a very scary thing to take a stance. 

What would they think?

What will happen to my business?

Is the cloth diapering world ready for social justice? 

There it was born, #BlackLivesMatter the diaper. 

The future happenings I didn't expect. 
3 photoshoots, international publications, hundreds of diapers sewn and viral photos EVERYWHERE! 

The #BlackLivesMatter diaper started the conversation about social justice and the future of our world on many natural parenting platforms. While not all reception was positive the majority of the support that SHINE Cloth has received since #BlackLivesMatter the diaper has been tremendously amazing. 

At the end of 2016, I was battling a lot in my personal life and it transcended into business almost halting SHINE altogether. Facing homelessness, battling poverty, creating diapers that I loved, but missing the mark in several areas of my life cast doubt into the future of SHINE and the future of the #BlackLivesMatter diaper. 

I was encouraged by a friend to keep going. That the diaper was needed, that my voice in the cloth diapering world was needed.


I took a deep cleansing breath and headed into 2017 with ambition high and intentions pure. I set my sights on a new design for the BLM diaper and sat with my fiance Jonathan and sketched something rough but inspirational. 

2 years, and 11 months later. 
Viral Photos later.
Several hundred orders later.
Missed deadlines and shipping woes later. 
Issues in business and at a home later. 
The toughest yet most rewarding years of my life LATER. 

We come to the beauty that is the #BlackLivesMatter 2.0 diaper. 
This diaper not only signifies the struggle that each and every parent, child, and ancestor has been through. It not only highlights our value as a people in the world around us. It is a new beginning for SHINE Cloth. 

This release signifies a new chapter in business. 
This release signifies the start of a new wave in the natural parenting world. 
This release signifies ready to ship diapers, with no wait times, and orders that are assembled with quality, care, and love that we always strive for at SHINE Cloth. 

Here I stand this one woman team with my fist raised high and heart full of thanks for 7 years of business. I stand here also with my eyes set on the future and what an amazing thing we are embarking on here in the SHINE community. 


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